Project Juice, the West Coast organic cold-pressed juice and clean eating company, announced that it is adding CBD products to its organic line. CBD Chill Tonic Wellness Shot, CBD Chill Chocolates and the CBD Chill Boost make up the company’s new offerings.

Increasingly, studies show CBD - the non-psychoactive naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the hemp plant - to have strong health benefits, including helping the body maintain homeostasis, relieve pain, help with anxiety and more. Using cold-extracted CBD from organic hemp plants grown in Colorado, Project Juice’s innovation and culinary team joined together to create products that provide a natural alternative to traditional western medicine.

Project Juice has carefully crafted three ways to enjoy the health benefits of CBD:

CBD Chill Tonic Wellness Shots — This bottled wellness shot has 20 mg of CBD with flavors including orange, apple, coconut water, ginger, lemon, turmeric, and black pepper; priced at $7.00, available online and at all retail locations.

CBD Chill Chocolates — A low-dose intro to the benefits of CBD. Each piece of Chill Chocolates has 2mg of CBD; priced at $24.99, available online and at all retail locations

CBD Chill Boost — Add 15 drops of CBD Oil to a smoothie for 20mg of CBD; priced at $3.00, available at most retail locations.

Along with showing signs to elevate mood and calm the mind, the non-high-inducing CBD may help alleviate anxiety and stress. Studies have shown it can also help reduce nausea, cardiovascular health, inflammation, as well as help those suffering with chronic pain combat it with CBD as a natural alternative to potent prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Always consult your doctor before changing any medicine or introducing natural homeopathy to your medicinal regimen