The trend to market health bars to specific consumer niches means it is helpful to formulate such products to provide specific-health benefits. Four Kerry divisions banded together as a one-stop supplier of health bar ingredient and formulation technologies.

Xbar concepts shown at SupplyExpo in March in Anaheim included Xtreme Low-carb crunch, a no-sugar added (NSA) chocolate center covered with NSA peanut butter coating that also included extruded soy and flavored nuggets, crisp grains and cookie bits.

Other concepts included Xtreme Jump-start savory bars with cheese, cultured dairy and fruit powders; Xtreme High-protein burst with milk protein concentrates and isolates and NSA yogurt coating and, lastly, an Xtreme Soy-infused boost based on soy powder, soy meal and textured soy proteins. Kerry Ingredients USA, Karen Holliday, 913-780-1212