May 9/May 2011 NutraSolutions “NutraNews”-- Beauty products based on collagen are already established in Asia, and collagen has been exceptionally successful in a variety of functional foods and nutraceuticals.


In Europe and the U.S., consumers know about the benefits of collagen, mostly from claims made for topical applications, but it is still a new ingredient in dietary supplements, health and nutrition products, and “nutricosmetics.” VERISOL®, from GELITA, administered orally, influences the skin’s collagen metabolism directly from the inside. The company claims it increases the skin’s moisture and prevents the formation of wrinkles. VERISOL is produced from native collagen and has an excellent bioavailability; it can be easily incorporated into products from pharmaceutical applications to indulgence products, such as chocolate or instant coffee. GELITA, Eberbach, Germany, +49 6271 84 21