UAS Laboratories Inc. has recently introduced condition-specific, probiotic blends. UAS Labs’ Premium DDS Probiotic Blends, containing the super strainLactobacillus acidophilusDDS®-1, have demonstrated condition-specific health benefits. UAS Labs manufactures six condition-specific probiotic blends for digestive and immune health; irritable bowel syndrome; atopic dermatitis; and urinary tract health for women. DDS Probiotic Blend No. 5 (Cran-Gyn DDS), for women’s health, has received the Best of Supplements Award in 2010, and DDS Probiotic Blend No. 6 (ProbioGreen) has received an excellent response from customers and consumers in the U.S., says the company. UAS Laboratories Inc., 800-422-3371,www.uaslabs.comNS