There are almost 3.5 billion males in the world, and 57% are between the ages of 20-65 years old. This huge market of almost 2 billion adult men is in the prime of their productivity. This group is becoming more and more concerned with maintaining good health to help sustain their productivity and to ward off the development of chronic diseases and their associated morbidity and mortality. Given the just over 1% growth rate in the world’s population, the men’s market is also a growing market worldwide.
Good nutrition is a mainstay of good health, and poor nutrition is an important contributing factor to many of the leading causes of death in men, such as heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, stroke and diabetes.
Important market drivers for sales and development of men’s nutrition products are likely to focus on three important concepts of concern to most men: performance, appearance and overall health.
In this white paper by Ram Chaudhari, Ph.D., sr. executive vice president and 
chief scientific officer, Fortitech provides information on how to develop products addressing men’s health, including nutrients and, in some cases, recommended usage levels for specific products. Such products include those for sports performance, energy drinks, muscle building, heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes. Typical ingredients include a range of vitamins, minerals, herbals and other bioactive nutrients.
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