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Popular, portable bars deliver added protein for workout and nutritional needs.

Observers could say one of the world’s largest dairy ingredient groups is “getting fit” -- all to help global food and beverage processors create the next generation of performance and lifestyle nutrition foods.

Since its merger formation in 2008, FrieslandCampina DMV bv (DMV), has brought more than 85 years of dairy ingredient experience to market. Based in Veghel, The Netherlands, DMV supplies caseinates, whey protein concentrates and milk minerals/biofunctionals. In addition to its Performance and Lifestyle Nutrition products, DMV also supplies and services the ingredient needs of dairy drinks, processed and analogue cheeses, bakery foods, soups and sauces, and non-dairy creamers.

Today finds DMV embracing a “route2020” corporate growth strategy. In conjunction, it is investing in both innovation and insights -- facilities and people -- to elevate its technical and market expertise.

2013 saw DMV complete two years of construction on the FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Spanning nearly 200,000 square feet, the new facility houses nearly 400 researchers, scientists and culinary experts from every business within the company. The site includes laboratories, flavor-testing rooms, various pilot plants and related offices. Wageningen also features an Experience Centre, which officials describe as “an inspirational environment” for visitors and employees to sample, smell and feel products made in the bakery and a state-of-the-art innovation kitchen.

Because of increased demand for highly nutritious, tasteful foods, DMV created a Performance and Lifestyle Nutrition business unit. In turn, the team is focusing on two groups of consumers who are influencing sales and product development trends. One group involves athletes and sports-minded consumers.

“Although people always have exercised, more and more -- at all ages -- are taking sport to a higher level and aspire to be top athletes,” says Ramon Mommersteeg,  a FrieslandCampina DMV marketer.  “Another group has become convinced that making smart decisions about weight management and lifestyle will make a real difference to their health and happiness.”

Mommersteeg continues, “Obesity is rightly perceived as a killer. Aging consumers are making different choices than their parents. They want to remain vital and energetic for as long as they can. And, they know this is possible with the right nutrition.”

DMV’s new Performance and Lifestyle Nutrition market team includes 12 professionals, including a mix of scientists and nutritionists, and market trend researchers. They help customers integrate dairy ingredients with recipe development and market intelligence -- all to create new foods or beverages targeting sports nutrition, weight management and/or healthy aging.

Two on-trend examples include:

• An endurance protein drink.  This protein-carbohydrate drink is designed for consumption during resistance exercise. It delivers maximized glycogen availability and optimizes post-exercise recovery. It contains DMV’s Hyvital Whey 80, a whey protein hydrolysate with high levels of di- and tripeptides. DMV says that -- compared to whole proteins or free-form amino acids -- these di- and tripeptides are more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. This unique composition makes Hyvital Whey 80 an ideal protein delivery ingredient during intense exercise.

 • A three-stage protein bar.  Consumed after exercise, this high-protein bar promotes muscle protein synthesis. This tasteful product is formulated with three types of protein with different digestion rates: Excellion EM9 Calcium Caseinate (for slow digestion); Nutriwhey 800 F (for fast digestion); and a combination of whey protein concentrate and Hyvital Whey 80 whey protein hydrolysate (for extremely fast digestion). In addition to prolonged protein release, this three-protein blend ensures optimum bar mouthfeel and structure. 


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