u!be lozengesU!be Group Inc. has introduced U!be Strong, a children’s lozenge with Wellmune WGP, a natural immune health ingredient from Biothera, Eagan, Minn. Officials say the new offering is the second in U!Be Group’s U!Be Group Kids line of immune and oral health products.

“U!be Strong children’s lozenge was created to help parents maintain their children’s immune health in today’s harsh environment and hectic lifestyle,” says John Perng, Ph.D., U!be Group Inc.’s vice president of R&D and Business Development. “Upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) and allergy symptoms due to weakened immunity are all too common in modern-day, school-age children.

“We know from years of experience that Wellmune, with its U.S. FDA-notified GRAS status and solid body of clinical research, is the top immune-enhancing ingredient available. What we are doing now is to expand its benefit into the children’s nutritional products arena.”

Biothera says Wellmune is clinically proven to safely boost the immune system to keep the body healthy. Eight published, peer-reviewed studies demonstrate that Wellmune mobilizes billions of innate immune cells that are part of the body’s natural defenses, without over stimulating the immune system.

“We are excited that U!be Group Inc. has chosen to incorporate Wellmune into its children nutritional product for Chinese markets throughout the world,” says Richard G. Mueller, Biothera chief executive officer.

Mueller added, “As consumers look for more ways to support their health and vitality, the broader availability of clinically proven Wellmune in brands they trust, offers peace of mind and worry-free convenience that contributes to healthy habits for a lifetime.”