SOS hydration drinkSOS Hydration Inc., San Francisco, says its namesake product, SOS, is a “new healthy rehydration drink comprising the right balance of electrolytes for optimum hydration.” The new year saw SOS announce that all of its products are 100% free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavors and colors. In conjunction, the company said it added a second flavor, Blueberry (which joins Citrus).

SOS was developed by a physician and two former elite athletes (one of whom also was a military veteran), who recognize and understand the importance of hydration in all aspects of life. Other SOS investors include sports stars such as IndyCar Champion Scott Dixon, four-time Olympic sailing Gold Medalist and Americas Cup winner Sir Ben Ainslie, and professional basketball player CJ Watson.

SOS officials say they studied guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO), which treats cholera patients in developing countries. After these studies, SOS developed its own rehydration product for consumers’ daily use.

They say SOS activates the body's premier rehydration mechanism: the sodium glucose co-transport system.  It's this system that SOS uses so effectively, to ensure that people who use the product are properly hydrated.  SOS is so effective at combating dehydration that it can be compared to an IV drip at treating mild to moderate dehydration.

James Mayo is one of SOS’ co-founders.

"We all get thirsty and while the marketplace is filled with sports, coconut waters and energy drinks, SOS offers the consumer a medically proven rehydration option that stands alone in its category and ensures that people get the most out of their active lifestyles,” he says. “We call it lifestyle survival!”

SOS has six times the electrolytes of a normal sports drink and 27% more electrolytes than coconut water with half of the calories (25) and half of the sugar (5g). Officials say SOS mixed with water helps consumers absorb three times more water than just drinking water alone.

SOS Founders:

DR. BLANCA LIZAOLA: A qualified medical doctor in the US, Mexico and Spain. Blanca works at the department of gastroenterology for a top U.S. hospital. Prior to working for UCSF, Dr. Lizaola worked in the surgical and emergency room field at one of Mexico City's leading hospitals.

JAMES MAYO: James formerly was with Michael Page International, a global, U.K.-based recruiting company. Prior to this, he was a British army officer for six years, was a sportscaster with ESPN Star Sports and served as Singapore’s national athletics coach. Concurrently, James ran for his country (Great Britain) and was the national mile champion.

THOMAS MAYO: Tom came from a competitive Athletics background and competed for Great Britain at major championships over 1500m. Tom moved to New Zealand (NZ) seven years ago and took on a role as Chief Operations Officer for Triathlon NZ. Tom then became CEO of the successful 2010 World Rowing Championships and has recently delivered the largest event in NZ in 2012: the Volvo Ocean Race Auckland Stopover (held in March 2012). That race returns to NZ in 2015.