Made with organic parmesan, sharp cheddar cheese and creamy butter mixed right in, Pacific’s new pre- cooked Organic Polenta offers a flavorful fuss-free starter for hundreds of meals and sides. Starting with a slow-cooked organic cornmeal base, the sliceable pantry staple comes in four ready-to-heat flavors – ranging from clean and classic, to zesty jalapeño and smoky chipotle – meeting increasing consumer demand for authentic, global flavors and convenient meal solutions. 

With plant-based diets trending, and more mainstream consumers looking for hearty meat-free meal options, polenta can serve as a crowd-pleasing canvas for creating fresh versions of family favorites and testing globally-inspired recipes – minus heavier go-to staples like pasta, rice or potatoes.

“American eaters are more adventurous and looking to grocery store shelves for products that can help them recreate authentic flavors and dishes at home,” said Kevin Tisdale, vice president of marketing for Pacific Foods. “Polenta is delicious, but traditionally time-consuming to make. We’ve given families a head-start on a flavorful meal that’s prepared and easy to customize.”

Baked, grilled, sautéed, fried or simmered, polenta can serve as a meal, side or appetizer any time of day – from crispy cakes and fries, creamy breakfast porridge to baked lasagna, all the way to caramel- drizzled polenta pudding – the possibilities are positively endless. Pacific’s polenta is certified organic, GMO-free, and a versatile vegetarian, naturally gluten-free alternative to pasta. It comes in four savory varieties:

• Original
• Chipotle Cheddar
• Jalapeño Cheddar
• Roasted Garlic & Herb