Pacific Foods' portfolio of broths and stocks just got richer. After introducing bone broth last year to widespread popularity, Organic Chicken Stock and Organic Turkey Broth are joining an product range that includes long-standing natural category products organic beef, chicken, mushroom and vegetable broths.

Pacific Foods' new Organic Chicken Stocks offer 50% more protein per serving than the leading competitive natural chicken stock. Its new Organic Turkey Broth is made from specially selected heirloom turkeys humanely raised on the company founder's farms. Mapping to consumer demand for clean labels, Pacific's products are made with quality ingredients and simple recipes. The new stocks and broth contain no added “flavors,” sugars or yeast extract, a common additive many seek to avoid in their diet.

“Broths are often at the heart of savory recipes and soups, and now even serve as nourishing beverage options, helping people get a healthy boost of nutrition,” said Debra Kaminski, registered dietitian and Pacific Food’s director of food service marketing. “We've focused our recipes on simple ingredients and protein content to let home cooks have more flexibility on flavor intensity while providing as much nourishment as possible."

Pacific’s new Organic Chicken Stocks (available in Original and Unsalted) and Organic Turkey Broth are certified organic (and naturally free of GMOs), as well as gluten free. Like all of Pacific’s products, they’re packaged in BPA-free, shelf-stable cartons. They’ll hit shelves at natural food stores and conventional grocers nationwide this July (SRP $4.99-$5.49 for 32 oz.).

Fresh Crop of Vegetable-Based Soups

Pacific is introducing two new protein-packed soups inspired by the intricate flavors of Asian cuisine: Organic Vegetable Masala Stew and Hearty Coconut Curry (SRP $3.99 for 17 oz.). The fiber-rich vegan masala stew features an aromatic blend of spices that plays up a dairy-free base of diced veggies and whole grains. Made with organic coconut cream, the curry strikes a balance between savory and sweet, with a base of chicken broth, a mix of chunky vegetables (potatoes, carrots, zucchini, bell peppers) and bit of spice and lemongrass.

The company is also adding two new twists on classics: Roasted Garlic & Potato and Organic Tomato Basil (SRP $4.69 for 32 oz.). Both rich and creamy, the news soups feature flavor front and center with ingredients like rustic roasted garlic and bright notes of basil. What’s more, despite its indulgent quality, you won’t find milk or cream in this new tomato soup. Soymilk lends its silky texture and give’s dairy-free folks something to sink their spoon into. All four soups will be on shelves at natural food stores and conventional grocers nationwide starting in May.