Pacific Foods introduced a trio of nourishing pantry staples this summer – a first-to-market Organic Turkey Broth and two high-protein Organic Chicken Stocks. The new products are a convenient source of high-quality classic flavor, allowing home cooks to effortlessly whip up everything from comforting soups to smooth, rich gravies.

Pacific’s Organic Turkey Broth simmers free-range, organic turkey meat, onion, sea salt and natural flavors, creating a readymade base for rustic soups and more. “Nobody knows broth like we do,” said Ben Hummel, senior brand manager for Pacific Foods. “We saw a gap in the market which inspired us to bring this classic flavor to shoppers looking to make holiday meal prep easier and tastier.”

In addition to the turkey broth, two Organic Chicken Stocks – Unsalted and Original – expand the brand’s extensive broth and stock offerings. The stocks simmer simple ingredients only – organic free range chicken, mirepoix (onion, carrots and celery), rosemary extract and sea salt – giving cooks a clean foundation on which to build.

The chicken stocks play culinary counterpart to Pacific’s popular high-protein bone broths. They offer a whopping 50 percent more protein per serving than other brands – a key point of difference in the decision making of today’s label-reading consumers. “Busy people are looking for simple ways to add more protein,” offered Hummel. “Protein-packed culinary basics, like our chicken stocks, let home cooks get the most nourishment out of every recipe.”

Pacific’s new Organic Turkey Broth and Organic Chicken Stocks (Original and Unsalted) and are certified organic, naturally free of GMOs and gluten-free, and like all of Pacific’s products, they’re packaged in BPA-free, shelf-stable cartons. They’ll hit shelves at natural food stores and conventional grocers nationwide this July (SRP $4.99-$5.49 for 32 oz.).