Pacific introduced a new line of Organic Coconut Non-Dairy Beverages. Pacific’s Coconut is a nutritious drink that reportedly packs in the rich, authentic flavor of a freshly-cracked coconut. 

• Whole coconut. Pacific’s Coconut offers two layers of authentic flavor with the healthy richness of coconut cream and the refreshing taste of coconut water.

• No additives. Pacific’s Coconut is the first full line without carrageenan and cane sugar – less than half the amount of sugar per serving of the category leader (3g vs. 7g).

• Natural hydration. As a result of using coconut water, when compared to the category leader, Pacific’s Original variety contains six times as much potassium – a natural hydrator and electrolyte (24mg vs. 40 mg); it’s also an excellent source of vitamin D and vitamin B12.

Packaged in BPA-free, shelf-stable cartons that seal in authentic flavor, Pacific’s Organic Coconut Non-Dairy Beverages will be available on shelves in April at natural and conventional grocers nationwide ($3.64 for 32 oz.). Three flavors include: Original, Unsweetened Original and Unsweetened Vanilla.