As the national shortage of eggs lingers throughout the U.S., availability of this important ingredient continues to dwindle while cost of whole eggs keeps climbing.

Corbion Caravan is providing customers with two egg replacement solutions for bakery goods that are affordable and deliver a clean flavor and egg characteristics.

• Bro-Eg: replaces whole eggs and acts as an extender; replaces up to 50 percent of whole eggs in cakes and batters; 100% in yeast products.

• Cara-Eg: designed to replace whole eggs; functions as an egg stabilizer and extender. Replaces 25 to 50 percent of whole eggs in sweet goods; total egg replacement in yeast products.

"We expect a one- to two-year recovery before pricing and whole egg availability recover," says Kathy Sargent, manager, sweet goods. "Corbion Caravan is providing customers with low-cost and readily available egg substitutes that meet the functional properties of whole eggs—without the price hikes or delays."

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