füdi, a Canadian brand with freshly pre-made, globally inspired food entrées and spices is set to change the perception of pre-made entrées with its ingredients and labeling within Canada supermarkets and consumers. As of late 2014, füdi officially became available to the general public at major grocery stores across the Greater Toronto Area and will be expanding in additional markets within Ontario in Fall 2015.

The center-point of füdi is that with exception of the late availability of organic Ontario kale, their products are 95% Ontario sourced. The importance of locally grown organic produce is one of the many ways that separates füdi from its competitors within supermarket freezers.

"Only a generation ago, every meal started with a simple trip to the neighborhood farmers' market and corner butcher," said Founder of füdi, Maurizio Racco. Adding that some of his fondest memories as a child were trips to the farmers' market with his family.

füdi products are cooked using an all-natural, preservative-free sous-vide cooking process. füdi prepares gourmet dishes that are cooked slowly to ensure a maximum amount of flavor as every ingredient is reflected in each bite. The result is a wholesome selection of international dishes perfected to appeal to the non-discriminating foodie in us all.

Racco further stated, "The importance of connecting to a more wholesome shopping experience in a fast-paced world made it an obvious alignment for füdi to partner with Southern Ontario's 'Baretta Farms' as the proud producer of organic meats that were grass-fed and raised without antibiotics."