US Foods Holding Corp. launched Fall Scoop 2019 (Fall Scoop), which focuses on “Global Discovery Made Easy” and showcases products with Latin American, Asian and Middle Eastern influences. With 54% of consumers saying they have gone out of their way to try a novel global food, today’s diners are hungry to explore new flavors from all over the world.1

To help restaurant operators stay competitive and meet this growing demand, US Foods collaborated with nationally recognized chefs, Chef Diana Dávila, Chef Thai Dang and Chef Sameh Wadi to advise on many of the globally inspired products featured in the new Fall Scoop line up. Chef Dávila is the chef and owner of Mi Tocaya Antojería in Chicago; Chef Dang is the executive chef and owner of HaiSous, also in Chicago; and Chef Wadi is the executive chef and owner of World Street Kitchen in Minneapolis.

“Today’s diners are more adventurous, and they expect diverse, authentic food experiences,” said Stacey Kinkaid, vice president, product development and innovation, US Foods. “Chef Dávila, Chef Dang and Chef Wadi shared incredibly helpful insights and feedback on Scoop products with Latin American, Middle Eastern and Asian influences, such as al pastor, beef shawarma and bulgogi beef. By focusing our efforts on items our operators would normally not have the time, resources or experience to create on their own, we have delivered turnkey solutions they can add to their menus with confidence.”

Spicing Up the Menu with Latin American Flavors

US Foods partnered with Chef Dávila to bring the flavors of Latin America to Fall Scoop. She was a 2019 finalist for the coveted James Beard Award (Best Chef: Great Lakes) and a 2018 semifinalist in the Best New Restaurant category. She is a recognized authority on Mexican cuisine and drew from her almost 20 years in the restaurant industry to advise on Scoop products such as the Chef’s Line All Natural* Al Pastor.

“Creating al pastor with US Foods was an exciting challenge because it’s typically a street food in Mexico that takes time and special equipment to prepare,” said Chef Dávila. “In staying true to the authentic dish, the Chef’s Line All Natural* Al Pastor was cooked on a spit, so the meat comes in shaved slices with charring. It’s a savory and delicious product that is already seasoned so it can quickly be prepared and added to any meal.”

Fall Scoop products made with the ingredients and flavors of Latin America include:

• Chef’s Line All Natural* Al Pastor: This all natural* whole muscle, boneless pork shoulder is hand-stacked on a vertical spit, fire-seared and sliced from the cone and seasoned with a Mexican-inspired blend, including annatto, onion powder, garlic powder, lime juice and apple cider vinegar. This item also complies with US Foods’ Unpronounceables List aimed at producing products with simple, more recognizable ingredients.
• Monarch Fire Roasted Corn and Poblano Peppers Blend with Onions: Fire-roasted with char marks, this time-saving, versatile dish is a blend of sweet corn, poblano peppers and yellow onions, and contains no oil or added seasonings.
• del Pasado Mini Chile Rellenos: Inspired by the popular Mexican entrée, this product features diced, roasted poblano peppers blended with mozzarella and Cotija cheeses and is battered with corn masa. It is easily paired with a variety of dipping sauces.

Helping Authentic Asian Cuisine Go Mainstream

Asian cuisine has become a staple in many people’s diets, with 54% of consumers eating foods influenced by Asian cuisine at least once per month.2 US Foods partnered with Chef Thai Dang, a two-times James Beard Award semifinalist (Best New Restaurant and Best Chef: Great Lakes), to advise on products with multiple culinary influences from Asia, including Korean, Vietnamese and Taiwanese. Chef Dang is known for his innovative and modern takes on classic Vietnamese dishes at HaiSous, which was recently recognized by Thrillist as one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in America.

“I was excited to share my creativity with US Foods and adapt some of my favorite Asian flavors into the new Fall Scoop products,” said Chef Dang. “The Chef’s Line All Natural* Bulgogi Beef stands out for me because it can be served in so many ways, like in a stir fry, lettuce wrap or even as a bulgogi poutine. Operators can put their own spin on a product like this and turn it into a dish they know their diners will love.”

Highlights of Fall Scoop products made with Asian influences include:

• Patuxent Farms Red Curry Seasoned Popcorn Chicken: This whole muscle white meat chicken is fully cooked and lightly seasoned with Thai-style red curry. In fact, the use of red curry instead of the traditional yellow curry was a result of Chef Dang’s culinary influence. This popcorn chicken is a versatile and time-saving product with an on-trend flavor profile influenced by the popular Taiwanese street food.
• Chef’s Line All Natural* Bulgogi Beef: This Korean cuisine favorite is made from a whole muscle USDA Choice Beef and marinated in a Korean-style sauce that includes soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic and onions. This item also complies with US Foods’ Unpronounceables List initiative.
• Pacific Jade Korean BBQ Style Spring Roll: This dish helps restaurant operators bring global flavor in a handheld format and includes flavors reminiscent of traditional Korean BBQ, including tender beef, vermicelli, gochujang, pear purée and mirin.

Bringing Layers of Middle Eastern Flavors

Diners are increasingly seeking out Middle Eastern food, with 51% of consumers preferring to eat Middle Eastern food at a restaurant rather than making it at home.3 US Foods partnered with Chef Sameh Wadi, a self-described “spice connoisseur” who is well known for his creative use of spices, to bring US Foods customers Middle Eastern products that remain true to their authentic flavors. Chef Wadi is also a five-time James Beard Award semifinalist for Rising Star Chef of the Year and takes a contemporary approach to Middle Eastern cuisine.

“I think the reason so many people love Middle Eastern food is because it’s often made with darker spices and ingredients that have layers of flavor, and shawarma is a great example of that,” said Chef Wadi. “I’m really proud of how well the Chef’s Line All Natural* Beef Shawarma can translate for operators’ menus. We tried a few versions to get the seasoning just right, and through different tastings and iterations we created a delicious blend of spices that takes the product to the next level.”

Highlights of Fall Scoop products made with Middle Eastern culinary influences include:

• Chef’s Line All Natural* Beef Shawarma: This all natural* product is produced in an authentic process: marinated, hand-stacked and carved from cone and seasoned with authentic Middle Eastern-style spices, then flame-seared.
• Devonshire Premium Cheesecake Topped with Honey and Almonds: Thisdecadent cheesecake offers Middle Eastern flavors and is made with mascarpone cheese, cream cheese, real honey and a cardamom-spiced graham cracker crust.
Southern Hospitality Made Easy

Fall Scoop was also enhanced with items featuring a Southern U.S. flair, which were created in collaboration with US Foods’ Southern region chefs. These foods include the Devonshire Croissant Beignet, a twist on the classic beignet made with croissant dough, and del Pasado Chile con Queso Dip, which features a cheddar cheese base and blend of peppers.

* No artificial ingredients. Minimally processed.

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