Glanbia Nutritionals, a premier global ingredient solutions and precision nutrient premix service provider, is pleased to announce the addition of OmniMEGA™ Advanced Omega-3 Powder to its growing proprietary ingredient portfolio.

OmniMEGA™ is a patented free flowing omega-3 powder, offering multiple advantages over standard fish and krill oils with the ability to formulate into multi-ingredient tablet, capsule, melt and powdered beverage applications.

OmniMEGA™'s enhanced composition provides clear benefits over current omega-3 delivery technologies that exhibit issues with auto-oxidation, limited shelf-life, sensitivities to air, heat, light and humidity, and the potential to cause "fish-burps.”

OmniMEGA™ is comprised of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil that are bound to a beta cyclodextrin backbone making a compressible powder suitable for tableting and ready-to-mix formulations that is more shelf stable, with less sensitivity to air and oxidation, without the fishy reflux. OmniMEGA™ is also GRAS and holds two WO process patents.

OmniMEGA™ studies have shown positive results in many areas with a bioavailability human clinical study showing that OmniMEGA™ tablets offer superior EPA and DHA absorption compared to soft-gels. In long-term accelerated stability studies OmniMEGA™ powder was shown to have excellent stability and shelf-life. Three unique studies assessed the occurrence of reflux eight to 24 hours after consuming OmniMEGA™ tablets compared to omega-3 soft-gel capsules with the results showing no reflux occurring from consumption of OmniMEGA™ tablets.

“The addition of OmniMEGA™ Advanced Omega-3 Powder to Glanbia Nutritionals’ portfolio of premier ingredients provides customers the ability to formulate an omega-3 in to a powdered multi-ingredient application such as direct compressible tablets, capsules, ready-to-mix powdered beverages for sports nutrition and rapid melts as an alternative to children’s gummies. OmniMEGA™ further expands the innovative ingredient options Glanbia Nutritionals offers for inclusion in supplements,” says Ram Nimmagudda, PhD, director of business development for Glanbia Nutritionals.

OmniMEGA™ is an innovative ingredient for a growing omega-3 market and will add to Glanbia Nutritionals’ proprietary portfolio of nutrient solutions, supporting Glanbia’s strength as the leader in clinically-driven specialty ingredients.

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