Glanbia Nutritionals has expanded its HarvestPro™ line of vegan plant proteins with new Canada-grown Pea Protein ingredients. The new additions join the flax, chia and ancient grain ingredients in the company’s popular range of vegetarian proteins. Moreover, the new HarvestPro™ offerings offer significant flavor advantages over standard pea protein ingredients—relative to the desired application and desired flavor profile.

HarvestPro PFC 75EF is a proprietary blend of pea, flaxseed, and chia proteins. Featuring the EasyFlav™ clean flavor technology from Glanbia Nutritionals’ Flavor Artistry group, HarvestPro PFC 75EF is allergen free, gluten free and kosher, and provides a vegetarian source of proteins that expands the range of suitable application opportunities.

HarvestPro Pea Protein 83EF is an 85% pea protein ingredient featuring the EasyFlav™ clean flavor technology. EasyFlav ensures a neutral tasting pea protein ingredient with significantly fewer green/pea, green/pyrazine, bitterness, cardboard, and nutty notes than straight pea protein. Meanwhile, it offers delightful cereal notes. HarvestPro Pea Protein 83EF is allergen free, gluten free, kosher, and provides a vegetarian source of protein.

Typical applications for the new protein ingredients include bars, cereals, clusters, ready-to mix (RTM) and ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, gluten free baked goods, and bakery. Depending on the flavor target profile, Glanbia’s new range offers more options to create better tasting, consumer appealing products. In addition, while delivering high protein from pea, the HarvestPro PFC 75EF ingredient lets formulators mention “ancient grains” in labels, a valuable on-pack positioning.

Glanbia Nutritionals uses a dependable and sustainable supply chain to minimize the impact on the environment while providing the highest quality pea protein ingredients. Grown in Canada, Yellow Peas are shipped to Asia where a 100% of their composition, including waste, is reused. Seventy-percent of the pea is made into vermicelli noodles for the Asian market while the fiber (10 %) is used to grow mushrooms and then recycled as fertilizer. Twenty-percent of the pea is protein.

Methane from the waste stream is re-used to run the state-of-the-art plant and water is used on local vegetable fields. Glanbia’s highly efficient, environment-friendly supply chain minimizes carbon footprint and maximizes the value of the pea. The vertically integrated supply chain—from farm to finished goods—includes multiple quality assurance tests that guarantee exceptional quality. Heavy metals, melamine, microorganisms, gluten, protein levels, minerals, and organoleptic properties are all tested for pre-shipment by a third-party US lab.

“Glanbia Nutritionals is a long-time supplier of high quality protein ingredients to the industry,” says Danielle Black, product manager. “Pea offers a unique protein source for a variety of consumers who have distinctive lifestyle needs and want to incorporate vegan protein into their diet. With our expanded HarvestPro line, Glanbia makes it even easier for manufacturers to incorporate high levels of protein in delicious products because of the sensory-test-proven flavor improvements we are able to deliver for a wide range of applications.”

Glanbia Nutritionals, a division of Glanbia plc, is an innovator in the expert delivery of science-led ingredients and customized premix solutions for a broad range of industries. These include fortified foods and beverages, performance nutrition, and health and wellness.

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