Ingredion Incorporated has published a new white paper, “Novel Clean Label Stability Solutions: Functional Native Starches.” The paper highlights the stability of functional native starches across a variety of clean label applications and storage conditions.

Today’s clean label products must be able to withstand the rigors of modern-day food development and temperature changes—from processing and transportation to storage and preparation—while still maintaining an appealing texture, appearance and taste throughout their specified shelf life. While traditional stabilizers, such as modified food starches and gums provide stability, generally, these ingredients do not support clean labeling.

In order to address growing consumer and industry demand for simple foods and ingredients, food manufacturers must consider clean label solutions that and deliver texture, quality and stability. Introduced more than a decade ago, functional native starches have earned their position as a well-established solution for clean label applications—providing the same functionality and shelf life stability as modified starches, but with a simple, consumer-friendly label.

To better understand the stability performance of functional native starches, Ingredion tested three popular food applications with different storage requirements—a fruit preparation (for refrigerated yogurt applications), a retorted cream soup (for shelf stable, canned and jarred applications) and a beef gravy (for frozen ready meal applications).

In the study, a variety of starches were selected and used based on the formulation, process and storage requirements. Applications using modified starches were compared to those made with select functional native starches to test for freeze/thaw, refrigerated and ambient stability. An expert panel then further evaluated all three applications to gather additional evidence of each starch’s stability in different storage conditions.

“Ingredion’s research results show that functional native starches offer stability comparable to modified starches, and with a clean label,” says Angelina De Castro, senior marketing manager. “As a result of this study, food manufacturers can now identify the best clean label solutions for their applications more easily, ensuring that a food’s textural stability is maximized over its shelf life.”

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