With today's on-the-go lifestyle demanding more time from professionals, many are conflicted between staying plugged in and giving loved ones the undivided attention they deserve. La Brea Bakery, the nation's top artisan bread brand, is seeking to remedy this challenge through the Breaking Bread Tour by providing consumers with a reason to slow down and embrace quality time with friends and family with the help of delicious artisan foods. In a new survey conducted by La Brea Bakery, 92 percent of Americans claim "breaking bread," or eating a meal with others, provides a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family.

Starting July 30, 2015, La Brea Bakery is kicking off the Breaking Bread Tour, reminding foodies that nothing brings family and friends together like a quality meal. Americans often find it difficult to eat regular dinners with family and break away from technology during meals; only one-in-three (33 percent) say they are able to eat dinner around the table with their family without distractions. By bringing top-of-the-line artisan creations to cities across the country, La Brea Bakery will give Americans fresh recipes ideas to spark creativity in the kitchen and provide opportunities to connect over bread.

"At La Brea Bakery, we are committed to high quality ingredients to ensure only the finest breads and foods for our customers" said Jon Davis, Senior Vice President of Culinary Research and Innovation at La Brea Bakery. "We've always known bread is more than just food, it's a part of traditions and connects loved ones and communities, which is exactly what we're doing with the Breaking Bread Tour."