Harvest Soul, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fresh Promise Foods, Inc. launched two flavors to its Organic Chewable Juice line: Berry Banana Fusion and Veggie Beet Fusion.

Harvest Soul Organic Chewable Juices also includes originals Green Fusion and Tropical Fusion.

Harvest Soul Organic Chewable Juices blend at least 15 fruits and vegetables with bits of seeds, nuts and berries for a flavorful, fiber and protein-packed dose of tasty nutrition. Each Harvest Soul juice is concentrate-free and without added flavors or sugar.

Harvest Soul Organic Chewable Juice is revolutionary product to the juice category because it promotes chewing, which jump starts digestion. Chewing helps the body break down foods, unlocking beneficial nutrients by releasing enzymes that promote better nutrient absorption. Chewing also helps regulate caloric intake, as it takes more time than drinking, making for a more satisfying experience.

Research has also shown that consumers that predominately rely on fruit and vegetable juices to supply their daily nutrition miss out on the health benefits that come from chewing, as well as forfeit the natural fiber and protein wasted during the juicing process. Harvest Soul Chewable Juices are blended, not pressed, so beneficial fiber is retained.

"We're excited to be at Expo East for the first time and launch our two new chewable juice flavors," said Kevin P. Quirk, Fresh Promise Foods CEO and Harvest Soul president. "We believe kids and adults of all ages will love the taste of both juices and the ingredients have incredible health benefits. One example is beet, which boosts stamina, lowers blood pressure and has anti-cancer properties. I'm also extremely proud that our juices are Non-GMO Project verified, a symbol that tells our consumers that Harvest Soul is committed to only using clean and pure ingredients in our juices."