Fresh Promise Foods, Inc., Atlanta, says its wholly owned subsidiary, Harvest Soul, Inc., hosted product demonstrations with the debut of its Chewable Juice line at Whole Foods Markets. 


Officials say Harvest Soul Chewable Juices are the first organic chewable juices available in the "super-natural" retail channel that are USDA approved. Whole Foods Markets requested a 90-day exclusivity agreement which Fresh Promise Foods has agreed to. The exclusivity is applicable within the natural retail channel.

"It's amazing what a great partnership this has already become between, Harvest Soul, UNFI, and Whole Foods Markets,” says Kevin P. Quirk, Fresh Promise Foods CEO and Harvest Soul president. “UNFI has been great in getting our product to Whole Foods Markets and I am blown away by how fast Whole Foods Markets have been able to get our product to their stores—as well as getting our demos set-up."

Harvest Soul Chewable Juices will be available in all 32 Whole Foods Markets within the South Region.

Quirk continues, "We have tripled our production output in order to keep up with the demand and will be aggressively marketing and supporting Harvest Soul Organic Chewable Juices everywhere beginning with our $1.00 off 'Join the Chewtrition Revolution' trial coupon. Whole Foods Markets sets the standard for the natural/organic channel, and we look forward to sharing Harvest Soul Chewable Juices with as many of their discerning customers as possible."

Harvest Soul Organic Chewable Juices have sold just under $7,000 this month and are available in Green Fusion and Tropical Fusion varieties.

Quirk says Harvest Soul Organic Chewable Juices are superfood blends of fruits and vegetables, mixed in with perfectly sized bits of seeds, nuts and berries. They are packed with fiber and protein, are never made from concentrates, and have no added flavors or sugar. The juices are also available online at The company will showcase their organic chewable juices at Natural Products Expo West 2015 at booth #H338.

All Harvest Soul juices are HPP Fressurized™, preserving "straight from the harvest" freshness and nutrients not possible with heat pasteurization.