Successful weight loss involves more than a single “magic bullet.'” The sensible, long-lasting way to manage a healthy weight is to incorporate multiple modifications into a person's lifestyle.

Of course these modifications involve healthier eating and physical activity. Supplements can also play a significant role - helping with hunger, helping to improve satiety, manage blood sugar and enhancing results. They can help people take charge of their lives and reinforce these modifications with progress. One important view is the energy management component of weight control. These include:

• Control of energy intake (appetite modification & satiety)

• Control of the availability of substrates (such as blocking the absorption of dietary fats)

• Control of fat reserves (modulation of lipolysis and lipogenesis)

•Control of energy expenditure (increasing thermogenesis)

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PLT Health Solutions' weight management portfolio includes ingredients that operate in three out of these four different approaches: appetite modification (satiety), control of fat reserves and the increase of thermogenesis. These are all safe, effective, science-supported ingredients that can be incorporated to help you to develop effective, differentiated products that consumers can trust.

In addition to these three, PLT Health Solutions has an entire range of ingredients that can become a part of your weight management brands.—PLT Health Solutions,