PLT Health Solutions, Inc. announced the introduction of a water-soluble version of the company's best-selling 5-LOXIN® for joint health support.

Called AquaLOX, the new ingredient is a potent Boswellia serrata extract documented to have a similar pharmacokinetic profile to 5-LOXIN – which has been clinically demonstrated to improve joint comfort and protect against cartilage degradation. In addition to being water-soluble, AquaLOX represents a major breakthrough with its pleasant taste profile, allowing – for the first time – the use of Boswellia serrata extract for taste-sensitive formulations such as chews, gummies, stick-packs, shots and more.

The technology to manufacture this pleasant-tasting, water-soluble version of Boswellia serrata has been more than five years in development.

Seth Flowerman, executive vice president, PLT Health Solutions, says development of AquaLOX was driven by a market looking to bring the efficacy, clinical support, and brand recognition of 5-LOXIN to a broad new range of product types.

"5-LOXIN is a market leading joint-health ingredient, available in well over a hundred consumer products on the market today,” he says. “In a market that demands convenience and novel delivery systems, all Boswellia extracts were limited because of the challenging taste profile and lack of solubility – and the technology needed to achieve this was tricky. With AquaLOX, we are finally able to deliver on our customers' wish list and extend the 5-LOXIN franchise to a whole new range of products.”

Clinically-studied support for joint comfort and mobility

In a recent human study, 5-LOXIN daily provided improvement in joint comfort and mobility within seven days. Daily consumption provided significant benefits in WOMAC, VAS and LFI standardized testing methodologies for joint health 5-LOXIN was also shown to significantly inhibit matrix metalloproteinase (MMP-3), enzymes that break down cartilage, and connective tissues.

5-LOXIN inhibits an enzyme called 5-lipoxygenase. 5-LOX inhibitors follow a distinctly different pathway than COX-2 inhibitors, and while both are involved in the breakdown of arachidonic acid, 5-LOX inhibitors do not exhibit the potentially negative effects that have been associated with COX-2 inhibitors. 5-LOXIN is a selective, non-redox 5-LOX inhibitor, which means that its action is very targeted. Safety for 5-LOXIN is supported by historic usage, published human studies, and extensive safety and toxicity studies.

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