Mamma Chia, Carlsbad, Calif., has added the Magic of Chia to the world of green beverages with the introduction of Mamma Chia Organic Chia & Greens. This fresh, new line combines the nutritional powerhouse of chia with vibrant greens, offering category-leading nutrition with great-tasting flavors to provide a delicious, on-the-go beverage, the company says.

Each of the four new beverages contains nutrient-rich chia seeds and organic vegetables. Each bottle delivers 2,500 mg of omega-3s, 7 grams of fiber, 4 grams of complete protein, 25 percent of the daily recommended value of vitamin A, and 95 mg of calcium, the company says.

With a suggested retail price of $2.99, Chia & Greens is available in four flavors: Soulful Greens (Cayenne and Lemon), Love Greens (Beet and Ginger), Grateful Greens (Kale and Mint) and Joyful Greens (Ginger and Lemongrass). And, just like all of their products, Mamma Chia’s new green drinks are Non-GMO, gluten-free, Vegan, Kosher and USDA Certified Organic.

“Our new, organic Chia & Greens Beverages are a refreshingly simple way to enjoy all of the nutritional benefits of chia — with an added boost of veggies — to power your soul’s purpose,” said Janie Hoffman, Mamma Chia founder and chief executive officer, in a statement. “Mamma Chia created the chia beverage category, and we’re truly delighted to offer our third innovative beverage line that provides another delicious way for souls of all ages to experience the Magic of Chia.”

Mamma Chia’s new Organic Chia & Greens Beverages will be available at select retailers nationally, including Safeway and Whole Foods Markets.