World Food Processing used SupplySide West to bust a myth—that manufacturers and consumers have to learn to tolerate the taste and texture of “healthy” foods.

In fact, the team that makes non-GMO, organic PURISPea™ says that its pea protein is closer to what people expect from animal proteins, such as whey protein.

“PURISPea crosses a threshold that no one else has in terms of flavor,” says Tyler Lorenzen, president of World Food Processing’s proteins and ingredient subsidiary. A family-owned company, World Food Processing’s supply chain is traceable from the non-GMO seed to its non-GMO and organic protein production facilities in the heartland of the United States.

“We produce great-tasting, clean proteins that work for everyone from formulators to consumers,” Lorenzen continues. “PURISPea checks all the boxes in terms of today’s food trends: It’s clean, non-GMO, devoid of the eight common allergens and processed without using hexane or any solvents, all while being the only non-GMO pea protein grown and manufactured in the U.S.”

Cut whey protein costs, add consumer benefits
Lorenzen says that in addition to PURISPea’s taste, food formulators are often surprised to discover how it can save them money.

“Animal-based proteins, such as whey, are most commonly used in the US because of their taste and texture,” he says. “But whey protein comes at a premium price.”

“PURISPea protein is about half the cost. If you substitute 50% of the whey protein with PURISPea, you will maintain a complete amino acid score,” Lorenzen adds. “Plus, pea protein has a moderate burn rate compared to whey protein, which will be a bonus especially for fitness enthusiasts who are looking for immediate recovery as well as sustained recovery post workout.”

PURISPea Proteins meet manufacturers’ requirements for powder blends, extrusion, bar manufacturing and even acidic beverages.

SupplySide West attendees were invited to sample three sweet and flavorful prototypes:

• PURISPea Protein Shake, Cookies and Cream flavor
• PURISPea / Whey Protein Shake, Cookies and Cream flavor
• PURISPea Protein Brownies offering 10g of protein

World Food Processing also showcased two commercially available products from Flapjacked, a Westminster, Colo., customer. They included FlapJacked Mighty Muffins with Probiotics and FlapJacked Protein Pancake and Baking Mixes. The Mighty Muffins also were offered as samples at the World Food Processing SSW booth.

Jennifer Bacon is one of Flapjack’s co-founders.

“We have found that combining whey protein Isolate with pea protein offers easier digestibility in our products. Currently our protein source is split about 50/50,” she notes. “We only use the highest quality ingredients in our products. We have found that many pea proteins on the market source peas from different suppliers at different times of availability and from different countries. With PURISPea, we know the source, it’s non-GMO and we can guarantee it’s quality.”

She adds, “PURISPea performs better than any other pea protein we have tested in our lab. The taste, texture and nutritional data work perfect within our applications. With superior efficacy and taste of PURISPea, we were able to use a higher percentage than we could of its competitors.”

Lorenzen says World Food Processing’s focus is to provide customers with a sustainable supply chain of clean-tasting ingredients.

“Our mission is to foster the ability to design finished-food formulations that brands can champion, so that they may adopt a non-GMO and organic plant-based platform of products,” he says.

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About World Food Processing
World Food Processing is a privately held, US family company and the leading non-GMO and organic soy, pea, and corn breeding company. It is vertically integrated into procurement, grain conditioning, ingredient processing and food formulations. World Food Processing’s products are traceable from genetics to conversion and are entirely non-GMO. World Food Processing features certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified products including, PURISPea™ Proteins, PURISSoy™ Protein Isolates, PURISSoy ™ Organic Hexane-Free Soy Proteins, PURISWhole -soy Powder as well as other non-GMO and organic plant-based ingredients.