World Food Processing, Oskaloosa, Iowa, completed its initial product launch of PURISPea proteins, which are manufactured in the US.

World Food Processing is committed to non-GMO and organic protein independence all the way from seed development to customers’ end-product solution. The company has successfully developed a wide range of pea proteins for multiple categories of product development.

“With the spirit of innovation, we were able to commercialize pea proteins that are unique in functionality to our given customers’ manufacturing requirements and end-purpose uses,” says Jerry Lorenzen, CEO and founder. “There is a PURISPea protein that will taste great and work in any application from powder blends, to extrusion and bar manufacturing, or even acidic beverages.”

Creating superior tasting plant based protein was the main objective for the launch of PURISPea.

“We felt that there were opportunities to create a pea protein that was superior in flavor, cleaner tasting, less bitter, and lighter in color,” Lorenzen adds. “PURISPea consistent quality is what we want our brand to be known for.”

World Food Processing not only is committed to transformation of the protein itself, but also the sustainability and protein density of the seed.

“Through commitment to seed development, using natural breeding methods, we are able to expand the geography where yellow field peas are grown, while making a more sustainable production strategy for our farmers,” says Lorenzen.

Because peas deliver nitrogen to the soil, it has allowed World Food Processing farmers to use peas as a rotational crop, reducing their chemical usage and increasing efficiency for organic producers.

Adds Lorenzen, “We are extremely committed to organic farming in the United States. Having PURISPea organic primary production and manufacturing located in the USA, allows us to provide a supply chain that is transparent and sustainable.”

PURISPea Proteins are high in protein (80%), Non-GMO Project Verified and available in certified organic.

About World Food Processing
World Food Processing is a privately held, US family business and the leading non-GMO and organic soy, pea, and corn breeding company. Vertically integrated into procurement, grain conditioning, ingredient processing, and food formulations. World Food Processing’s products are traceable from genetics to conversion and are entirely non-GMO. World Food Processing certified organic and non-GMO Project Verified products including, PURISPea Proteins, PURIS Soy Protein Isolates, PURIS Organic Hexane Free Soy Proteins and Full Fiber Fine Soy Powder.

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