The U.S. household manages, on average, 9.6 different health conditions, according to The Hartman Group’s Health & Wellness 2015 report. Consumers are actively treating 3.4 health conditions and proactively preventing 6.2 health conditions. The report finds that the number one health condition America’s consumers are concerned with is the issue of weight management: more than half of consumers (58%) are either treating (26%) or preventing (32%) “being overweight.”

“Not being overweight is a very prevalent health and wellness priority for so many of America’s consumers,” says Laurie Demeritt, The Hartman Group’s CEO. “However, many have not yet experienced negative impact from the extra pounds they carry, so many allow themselves to be lulled into a sense of complacency. Relative comparisons to family and community, who likely have similar health issues, can also make accurate self-assessment difficult.”

Consumers believe that America is accustomed to increasing waistlines and that the shame factor for fat has diminished in recent years. Yet, despite the statistics on overweight, consumers are generally positive about their own health. Americans are more aware than ever before that many aspects of their health and wellness urgently need improvement. More are working to incorporate exercise as a preventative measure. Yet The Hartman Group’s research finds that, overall, there is little change in consumers’ actions.

Among the one-third of consumers who are actively trying to prevent being overweight, 56% of them turn to exercise as the primary solution, 54% use food and 27% use beverages. Food is also key to preventing many other health and lifestyle-related conditions, including diabetes, high cholesterol, heart or cardiovascular concerns, cancer and high blood pressure.

The Hartman Group’s Health & Wellness 2015 report identifies the factors and trends driving demand for high-quality, healthy foods and beverages. It provides illuminating insights into emerging opportunities for CPG food and beverage manufacturers, food retailers, food service companies and restaurants. The report updates and extends The Hartman Group’s previous work and applies its signature “ahead-of-the-curve” thinking for marketing health and wellness solutions to consumers. The report delivers a culturally based big-picture assessment of where health and wellness is today, where it is headed and what it means for businesses.