Just in time for legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix's Nov. 27th birthday, Tiger Paw Beverages Inc. and Leon Hendrix, brother of Jimi Hendrix, introduce Purple Haze Liqueur.

Purple Haze Liqueur will delight consumers with a mildly sweet and unique blend of vodka, cognac and exotic berries. At 34 proof, the premium liqueur is developed for a balanced taste. Inspired by a commitment to originality, Tiger Paw Beverages Inc. has created a planned premium portfolio of alcohol beverage products inspired by the numerous titles of classic Jimi Hendrix songs, which are among the most famous in music history by an artist many consider the most gifted instrumentalist ever.

"I wanted to produce a high quality product that consumers would love while honoring my brother Jimi, and all of his amazing work," said Leon. "He would drink Purple Haze Liqueur if he could be here with us today."