Amelia Bay, the premier provider of quality brewed tea, announces the publication of a new white paper, “To a Tea: Building a Better RTD Iced Tea,” written to assist beverage manufacturers in making the proper decisions when it comes to formulating ready-to-drink (RTD) iced tea.

The paper examines the current RTD iced tea landscape and consumer trends, provides a primer on types of brewing tea bases and perhaps most importantly, offers pertinent questions brewing manufacturers should ask themselves about their end goals before they enter this growing market.

“We are quite passionate and extremely knowledgeable about brewed tea, and we are pleased to share our knowledge and expertise with others,” says John Harper Crandall, vice president of sales, Amelia Bay. “We worked very diligently on this white paper so that we could share timely, pertinent information about the opportunities in today’s RTD iced tea market, as well as considerations to be made before entering the market. With so many options available, we want to help beverage companies make the proper choices for their particular needs.”

As the only vertical tea brewer and formulator in North America, Amelia Bay offers unmatched tea technical expertise, and has assisted many companies in tailoring and launching complete tea programs. The release of the white paper is well-timed, since tea’s popularity continues to grow—it is widely acknowledged as the second-most-consumed beverage on the planet after water, and is enjoying a great reputation regarding its health benefits.

Brewed tea has the pure tea taste and a crystal-clear appearance that reflect its clean label claims and functional benefits. RTD teas can be formulated in several ways, including instant tea powders and batch brewing, and the white paper illustrates the pros and cons of each of these methods for beverage makers. Of all the options available, experts distinctly opt for brewed tea, declaring that brewed tea creates the clearest, best-tasting, highest-quality RTD tea beverage currently available on a commercial scale.

Amelia Bay uses advanced brewing technology with closed, continuous brewing and all-natural optimization methods to truly capture tea’s essential profile—with all of the flavors, volatiles, and key characterizing top notes.

To learn more about formulating RTD iced teas, get a complimentary copy of the white paper, “To a Tea: Building a Better RTD Iced Tea”.

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Amelia Bay was founded in 1989 with the specific objective of developing new brewing technology that captures the true essence and taste of brewed tea and coffee for the retail, ready to drink, beverage market place. They are recognized as the "Industry Leader" for brewed teas that are stable and do not change over time in the retail environment. Amelia Bay strives to be a one stop destination for custom brewing and formulation and offers customized tea and coffee extracts that are formulated to meet customer flavor profile goals and specifications. All of Amelia Bay's products are brewed, optimized and formulated in the USA.

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