Amelia Bay, the premier provider of quality brewed tea, announces the publication of the latest in their series of white papers, “Transform Your Tea: Balancing the Perfect Brew,” written to give beverage manufacturers a thorough understanding of how brewed tea characteristics and label claims both factor into the success of their RTD iced tea products.

This paper follows Amelia Bay’s first white paper offering, “To a Tea: Building a Better RTD Iced Tea,” which provided a primer on types of brewing tea bases, examined the current RTD iced tea landscape and consumer trends, and offered pertinent questions manufacturers should ask themselves before entering this growing market.

“We are very pleased to be sharing more of our brewed tea knowledge and expertise with beverage manufacturers,” says John Harper Crandall, vice president of sales, Amelia Bay. “It’s easy to share information when a subject is your passion, and brewed tea is definitely our passion here at Amelia Bay.”

In addition to publishing industry white papers, Amelia Bay recently launched their newly designed responsive website, It features industry information, compelling imagery, and well-designed simple navigation with a scrolling interface. The new site highlights the benefits of brewed vs. powdered tea, RTD trends, and industry questions. The white papers and newly designed website further establish Amelia Bay as a thought leader in the RTD industry. As the only vertical tea brewer and formulator in North America, Amelia Bay offers unmatched tea technical expertise, and has assisted many companies in tailoring and launching complete tea programs.

The latest white paper highlights the importance of ensuring that the characteristics of brewed tea, such as authentic taste and appearance, shine through in the final formulation. This ensures that all label claims—real-brewed, functionality and clean-label—can be met. With tea’s popularity continuing to grow as quickly as its list of health benefits, beverage manufacturers will benefit when they optimize tea’s reputation as a better-for-you beverage choice.

Amelia Bay uses advanced brewing technology with closed, continuous brewing and all-natural optimization methods to truly capture tea’s essential flavor profile.

To learn more about balancing the myriad characteristics of brewed tea, get a complimentary copy of the white paper, “Transform Your Tea: Balancing the Perfect Brew."

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Amelia Bay was founded in 1989 with the specific objective of developing new manufacturing technology that captures the true essence and taste of brewed tea and coffee. They are recognized as the "Industry Leader" for brewed liquid tea extracts that truly reflect the key elements of expertly brewed tea and coffee. Amelia Bay strives to be a one-stop destination for technological brewing and custom formulation that results in exceptional finished beverages set to customer specifications. All of Amelia Bay's products are brewed, blended, extracted and formulated in the USA.

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