Amelia Bay, the premier provider of quality brewed tea, recently launched a newly designed, responsive website,

The site has been carefully designed to be a resource for food and beverage formulators, especially those interested in the RTD beverage marketplace.

“We wanted our new website to be clean and clear, just like our tea,” says John Harper Crandall, vice president of sales, Amelia Bay. “It reflects our new tagline, ‘Better tea is brewing,’ which truly sums up what we do as a company.

“We are passionate about brewed tea—our advanced brewing technology uses closed, continuous brewing and all-natural processing methods to truly capture tea’s essential profile—and we love to share our knowledge with others,” Crandall adds. “With tools like our ‘Brewed vs. Powdered’ infographic and resources like our Knowledge Center, we offer genuinely valuable information to those new to the RTD iced tea marketplace, as well as experienced manufacturers who may be looking to clean up their label or just offer a premium option.” features many detailed, thoughtful updates including:

• Responsive design that works seamlessly across all platforms
• A focus on the benefits of brewed tea (vs. powdered)
• Get your tea to market highlights how Amelia Bay partners with manufacturers every step of the way, from sourcing to bottling recommendations to regulatory paperwork
• Trends in the industry provides market information to manufacturers considering new formulations and flavors
• Knowledge center shares the latest information regarding brewed tea and the RTD iced tea market
• Tea and dairy highlights how dairy processors can benefit from bottling RTD iced tea
• Request a sample button for quick-and-easy ordering

For more information on Amelia Bay’s brewed tea and coffee extracts, please visit

About Amelia Bay

Amelia Bay was founded in 1989 with the specific objective of developing new brewing and extraction technology that captures the true essence and taste of brewed tea and coffee. They are recognized as the industry leader for brewed tea extracts that truly reflect the key ingredients and compounds contained in brewed tea and coffee. Amelia Bay strives to be a one stop destination for custom brewing and formulation and offers customized brewed tea and coffee extracts that are formulated to meet customer specification. All Amelia Bay products are blended, extracted and formulated in the US.

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