A new and innovative agency named The Startup Farm, offers a full range of valuable resources under one roof. The Startup Farm is an idea-house, incubator and transformative consultancy providing to upstart consumer food and beverage companies services such as brand creation, package design, product formulation, manufacturing guidance, distribution consultancy, work space, operations consultancy and access to early-stage capital.

The Startup Farm will also offer naming, marketing strategy, social media services, photography and video. Furthermore, the agency provides export guidance for Canadian brands looking to penetrate the U.S. market, as well for US companies looking to establish a beachhead in Canada.

The creation of The Startup Farm comes at a time of explosive growth in the local and natural food movement, during which distribution and technology advances allow ambitious startups to more easily access store shelves and consumers' homes. As experienced food and beverage entrepreneurs themselves, The Startup Farm principals understand startups and their potential to disrupt entire industries.

The Startup Farm is the brainchild of natural food experts Ray Jolicoeur and Francois Bazinet. In 1999, Messrs. Bazinet and Jolicoeur co-founded, launched and turned GURU Organic Energy Drink into a North-American multi-million dollar brand and one of the leading natural energy beverages in the natural and conventional grocery world. They recently sold their stake in GURU to refocus their efforts on their passion: creative and entrepreneurial ventures.