Healthy Food Ingredients, LLC, the parent company of SK Food International ( and Hesco/Dakota Organic Products ( recently acquired Suntava® Corporation ( of Afton, Minnesota. The Suntava team will operate as a division of Healthy Foods Ingredients, continuing to use the Suntava name.

Healthy Food Ingredients, LLC (HFI) is a specialty ingredient company that provides non-GMO, organic, gluten free, and identity preserved ingredients to domestic and international customers in the food and pet food manufacturing and food service industries.

"HFI is a quickly-growing company, however, we are purposeful in growing the HFI platform," notes Brad Hover, HFI CEO. Hover adds, "Like our other brands, SK Food and Hesco, Suntava has a rich history within the food industry and is a natural fit for us. We are pleased to include them in the HFI family."

Suntava is a plant-based specialty ingredients company best known for its proprietary Suntava® Purple Corn (a natural Non-GMO hybrid). Suntava Purple Corn is used as an ingredient in functional foods, beverages, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals, as well as being a natural colorant for food and beverages.

Suntava is the first U.S. company to research, grow, and commercialize this naturally high-antioxidant corn, derived from ancient strains of Andean maize. Suntava's purple corn is sold as a whole kernel, flour, meal, grits, masa flour, IQF, and freeze dried fresh purple corn. It's used in various applications including cereals, snack foods, baked go ods, beverages, dietary supplements, skin care, and pet food blends.