Deep River Snacks announced a new product to its snack lineup: HONCHOS Tortilla Chips. This new line of organic tortilla chips contain flavor and are made with 90-100% organic ingredients. The snacks are also 100% non-GMO and Certified Gluten-Free. HONCHOS are made without artificial dyes, flavors and preservatives.

“To capture the better-for-you position in the flavored tortilla category the product has to deliver on bold flavor, otherwise it doesn’t matter how clean the label is,” says Deep River Snacks’ Founder and CEO Jim Goldberg. “It took us 5 years to perfect these recipes – never settling on either the taste or quality of the ingredients.”

To take on the multi-billion dollar category and make a splash in the retail environment, Deep River Snacks engaged New York-based branding agency Beardwood & Co. to help craft the brand strategy, identity, and packaging for the entire suite of HONCHOS products, and New York-based branding agency TippingGardner who led name development.

"To break through in a category where people are on auto pilot for buying their go-to snack, it was critical to create powerful branding and disruptive package design," said Julia Beardwood, Founder, Beardwood & Co. "At retail, you have one opportunity to connect emotionally and capture consumer's attention."

HONCHOS are available in three varieties: Nacho Cheese, Ranch and Peach Habanero. Ranch and Peach Habanero are 100% organic and bear the USDA Organic Seal; Nacho Cheese is 90% organic. All flavors are offered in 1.5oz and 5oz sizes, for on-the-go and at-home snacking.