Utz Quality Foods, LLC. announced its newest creation, Guacamole flavored TORTIYAHS!® tortilla chips.
Inspired by growing demand for avocado flavored foods, the kitchen specialists at Utz Quality Foods created something unique and different with Guacamole flavored TORTIYAHS!® tortilla chips. These Guacamole flavored ‘YAHS! can be eaten alone or dipped in salsa.
Consumer acceptance has soared for TORTIYAHS!®, with quadrupled sales growth in the past two years for the superior dipping tortilla chips. They are available in convenient 10 – 12.5oz take home sizes. TORTIYAHS!® includes a wide range of forms and flavors including Restaurant Style, White Dipping Rounds, Cantina Style, Blue Corn, Brazilian Lime and now Guacamole.
TORTIYAHS!® can be found at retailers across the US.