Suja Juice Co. announced the launch of its new line of enhanced water made with nothing but organic fruits, vegetables and vegan probiotics.

At 10 calories and one gram of sugar or less, Suja Pressed Probiotic Waters™ offer a subtle sweetness with no additives of any kinds. Containing 2 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) of vegan probiotics, these waters provide a clean dose of immune and digestive benefits. Additionally, the 14.5-ounce bottles use 17% less plastic than Suja's existing bottles.

Suja Pressed Probiotic Waters are available exclusively at Target and were developed for the 2016 Made to Matter - Handpicked by Target program, which features a collection of 20 purpose-driven brands with an emphasis on meaningful product innovation.

"In launching these Probiotic Waters, we have not only welcomed in a new generation of Suja products, but are also introducing the first-ever organic, vegan probiotic waters on the market, made with nothing but organic fruits and vegetables," said Jeff Church, Co-Founder and CEO of Suja. "With this launch, we are pleased to break boundaries by stepping into a new category, helping us to further reach our underlying mission of helping people live long, beautiful lives."

Suja Pressed Probiotic Waters are available in four flavors, including Raspberry, Ginger Lime, Pineapple Lemon Cayenne and Orange Ginger Pineapple. The 14.5 fl-ounce bottles are available for a retail price of $2.99.