Olly Public Benefit Corp. says it recently expanded its functional gummy portfolio with four new kids products. 

The San Francisco company greeted April with a new Facebook post that read: “April showers won't rain on our parade! Meet our newest members to the OLLY family- Growing Bones, Mighty Immunity, Super Brainy, and Happy Tummy. These 4 OLLYs are here to keep the party going, rain or shine, and available online here.”

Here’s how Olly describes each new line:


Get smart with OLLY Kids Super Brainy. Tummy-friendly and fishy-taste-free, it delivers the mega Omegas little ones need to help them think big. Choline, an essential B Vitamin, and superstar wild blueberry balance out this blend for budding brainiacs, so their health and development is supported from head to toe.


Trusting your gut is a whole lot easier when your tummy feels good. An expert blend of prebiotics and probiotics plus soothing peppermint, OLLY Kids Happy Tummy nurtures a healthy ecosystem inside so playing outside is always an option. Think easy does it when it comes to maintaining healthy digestion thanks to a special combo of the good guy bacteria. It's belly beneficial.

Primary ingredients include Bacillius Coagulans ( 500 million CFU), Fructooligosacharrides (1.1g) and Peppermint Extract (18mg). Other ingredients include Water, Cane Sugar, Gelatin, Glucose Syrup (from corn), Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor (Peach) and Color (Paprika).


Every day your small fry reaches new heights. Give them a boost of the nutrients they need with OLLY Kids Growing Bones. In just one serving, there's as much calcium as an average serving of dairy plus a boost of Vitamin D to help make the most of it. (Average serving taken from calcium provided by yogurt,

cheese, and milk.) Build a healthy body from the inside out with every bite. All you'll miss is the milk mustache.


Your kiddos don't need to be super heroes to stay healthy when the weather gets chilly. Suit 'em up so they'll stay strong, with a daily dose of OLLY Kids Mighty Immunity. Jam-packed with the good stuff from Acerola Cherry to Zinc, its formulated to support little immune systems in the biggest way to help keep kids healthy and happy year-round. Give winter the cold shoulder.

Other Olly kids products include a Kids’ Multi + Omega 3, a Kids’ Super Foods Multi and a Kids’ Multi.

Olly also has multi-vitamin gummies and a wide range of targeted “wellness boosts.” Visit www.olly.com for details.