Avure Technologies is expanding its manufacturing, engineering and office space in Middletown, Ohio. The new space will help the industrial manufacturer keep up with demand for its line of high pressure processing (HPP) machines.

“We’re seeing a boom in the number of food producers who are using HPP as a way to increase food safety and extend the shelf life of their products, without adding a laundry list of chemical additives and preservatives,” says Jeff Williams, CEO of Avure Technologies. “Consumers are demanding cleaner labels, and you can see the evidence in the grocery store with food that’s been ‘HPP’d’ taking up more and more shelf space.”

Deli meats, wet salads, salsas, dips, ready-to-eat meals, juices, baby food and even pet food are products using HPP as a method of chemical-free preservation.

“The demand for HPP equipment is being driven by everyone from large, multi-national companies that are adding HPP product lines to small start-ups who developed their products with HPP from the beginning,” adds Lisa Pitzer, Avure’s marketing director. “And we’re only at the beginning of this trend with demand increasing exponentially.”

In addition to the expansion, Avure recently celebrated the completion of the 300th HPP machine manufactured at the Middletown, Ohio facility.

“It was an exciting milestone to see the 300th machine built and now, with the addition of the new, expandable AV-X, we have an HPP machine to fit every need,” Pitzer says. “2016 promises to be our busiest year yet.”

About Avure Technologies
Avure enables producers to implement HPP with the fastest, most reliable equipment. From installation and maintenance of equipment systems to recipe and package development, Avure helps producers increase food safety and extend shelf life while providing consumers with nutritious, natural, flavorful food. Avure equipment is used to treat the majority of all HPP-protected food around the world.

More information is available at www.avure-hpp-foods.com.