The United States Food & Drug Administration has determined that partially hydrogenated oils, which contain trans fats, are not “generally recognized as safe” and have set a three-year limit for their removal from all processed foods effective from June 16 2015.

As a consequence of this, food manufacturers are now struggling to remove trans fats from their recipes, but as trans fats have a function in processed foods, this is no easy task. It can, however, be accomplished with Palsgaard emulsifiers.

Palsgaard will use its IFT 2016 Booth #434 to showcase sustainable emulsifiers that help food formulators remove trans fats in for multiple applications, such as bakery and margarine.

Lean label activated emulsifiers for cake mixes and industrial cakes Palsgaard will introduce three highly functional products in its series of powdered cake emulsifiers:

Emulpals® 115 is an instantly reacting emulsifier for cake batter systems that shows excellent aeration after just two minutes of whipping. The emulsifier also is highly tolerant to variations of ingredients and make-up methods making it the perfect choice for retail mix manufactures to overcome the challenges of whipping time and tolerance.

Emulpals® 116 is the ideal cake emulsifier for bakers and foodservice mixes as it is highly cost-effective as it works at much lower dosages than traditional emulsifiers and with a short whipping time of just four minutes. The final mix can be fast prepared using the all-in method – the emulsifier reacts instantly when liquid is added to the mix and no activation steps are needed.

Palsgaard® SA 6610 is a versatile whipping agent for industrial cake manufacturers as it is easy to work with and can meet the specific requirements of almost any current market or trend. Its functionality has been proven in industrial baking. It delivers the same performance under a variety of conditions in any whipped or stirred cake formulation.

All three emulsifiers make it possible to create healthier cakes by stabilizing even high amounts of liquid oil in both aerated and non-aerated cakes with delicious, soft and moist cakes as the result. Just as important, a move can be made from saturated fats to unsaturated oils, providing significant health benefits.

These emulsifiers are efficient choices for cake mix producers or industrial cake manufacturers looking to move away from shortenings. Being completely vegetable-based, free of allergens and trans fats, not to mention sugar, Emulpals® 115, Emulpals® 116 and Palsgaard® SA 6610 suit all types of recipes from vegan to gluten free and/or sugar free, making product development much easier.

In addition, it is possible to produce cakes with leaner labels using these emulsifiers. Palsgaard® SA 6610 shortens the list of additives compared with other cake emulsifier, listing only one food carrier and one emulsifier (polyglycerol esters or E475) to declare on the label. Additionally, Emulpals® 115 and Emulpals® 116 contain only mono- and diglycerides and polyglycerol esters. This also makes it possible to create leaner labels for cake mixes.

Learn how to produce trans-fat-free margarines and shortenings
Removal or reduction of trans-fats in margarine is cause for concern among margarine manufacturers. Without trans-fats, production process becomes more sensitive to a variety of factors that have been comfortably handled by partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), such as higher melting point and slower crystallization rates. However, by using emulsifiers that improve crystallization properties such as Palsgaard® DMG 0091 and Palsgaard® 6111, it is possible to alleviate these problems and produce high quality margarines and shortenings. At the IFT 2016 Palsgaard technical experts will be on hand to discuss this in much greater detail.

Sustainable emulsifiers
As a global player with production facilities, application centers and offices around the world, sustainability has been at the heart of Palsgaard’s strategy since its creation. Palsgaard holds RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Pam Oil) Supply Chain Certificates on MB (Mass Balance) and SG (Segregated) levels, making it able to provide a wide range of sustainable solutions to meet its customers’ needs.

By partnering with Palsgaard, food manufacturers can meet demands for a sustainable business model on palm oil sourcing and at the same time benefit from Palsgaard’s experience with the RSPO system as the company gladly shares it learnings of what it takes to become RSPO SCCS-certified – which its customers need to be if they wish to claim that their products are based on sustainable palm oil. Furthermore, Palsgaard achieved CO2 neutrality for its production facilities in Denmark in 2015 and has committed to become CO2 neutral at all production facilities by 2020.

New US application facilities
As Palsgaard not only produces the emulsifiers and emulsifier/stabilizer blends, but also offers expert application services helping customers test and develop new end products or perfecting existing products in its global application centers, food manufactures are sure to find what they need at Palsgaard’s booth. In fact, Palsgaard Incorporated will soon have its own application center in the region as Palsgaard is pleased to reveal its plans to open R&D facilities within bakery and confectionery in Edison, N.J. The new center is expected to be ready for business in fall 2016.

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