Leading sustainable emulsifier manufacturer Palsgaard will incorporate the IFT 17 Food Expo into its celebrations to mark 100 years since the company’s founder, Einar Schou, invented the modern food emulsifier. Visitors to Palsgaard’s Booth #2450 will get the chance to perform a hands-on demonstration of the progress made since then—using a simple cake mix as an example.

“We’re keen to emphasize just how far things have come,” says Rosa Regalado Palsgaard, Inc.’s general manager. “So we’re allowing people to try whipping one cake mix without our ‘whipping active’ emulsifiers, then another that contains our emulsifiers. The difference is going to be obvious – and we’ll have our specialists on hand to discuss the reasons for this difference and how to incorporate such ‘whipping-active emulsifiers’ into existing or new recipes.”

Activated emulsifiers particularly suited to cake mixes can ensure extremely fast reactions. For example, low density can be achieved in as little as two to four minutes, creating lighter, softer and aerated cakes. Such emulsifiers are also tolerant of other ingredients, enabling good results where there is little control over consumers' ingredient choices.

The first controllable emulsifier

Einar Schou’s breakthrough discovery—originally named Palsgaard Emulsion Oil (PEO)—kicked off an entirely new era in the food manufacturing industry. In fact, his use of certain derivatives of fatty acids as food additives, based purely on vegetable sources, dramatically changed the process of producing many different foods. 

With PEO, manufacturers could now achieve good, strong emulsions. They could win control over their products, ensuring consistent results. In addition, they could achieve success even if they didn’t have the most up-to-date production equipment. Palsgaard had laid the groundwork for a future of producing foods that were GMO-free, non-allergenic, vegan, lower-fat, trans fat-free, more cost-effective and more easily adaptable and controllable than traditional emulsifiers such as egg yolks could allow.

Sustainable choices

Palsgaard is now active in more than 100 countries, leading the world in CO2-neutral, RSPO SG sustainable emulsifiers, and inspiring and applying its expertise to bakery, dairy, confectionery, ice cream, fine foods, margarine and soy production. The company has also begun marketing new emulsifier capabilities that enable their use not just in food, but as functional additives in food packaging, too, with benefits likely for consumer health. 

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General Manager
Palsgaard Inc.
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