Litehouse® Inc. launched innovative additions to its pourable line. Combining the heat that consumers are seeking with a touch of sweet, Litehouse Sriracha Lime and Litehouse Mango Habanero showcase blends of spices and herbs for dressings that are big on taste, and contain 25 calories or less per serving.

According to Kalsec Research, more than 80% of consumers say they enjoy spicy and hot foods and 62% of consumers prefer hot/spicy food when eating at home.

“These robust dressings were crafted to satisfy consumers’ heat tooth and sweet tooth and are great on salads, as a chicken marinade or to spread on a wrap,” said Camille Balfanz, Litehouse Brand Manager. “By combining different levels of sweet and heat, our new flavors create a dynamic experience for the taste buds.”

Found in the produce department, the new Litehouse dressings are gluten-free, contain no high fructose corn syrup or artificial preservatives. Litehouse Mango Habanero offers the taste of sweet real mangos followed by a slow heat at the finish and Litehouse Sriracha Lime combines the flavors of chili sauce, lime citrus and a hint of ginger to heat up any meal.

The dressings have a suggested retail price of $4.49.