Biorigin will use its IFT Food Expo Booth #612 to showcase a new Bionis yeast extract in a flavorful food example with Grissini Italian bread sticks.

Visitors can sample a control product versus a test and taste how the new high nucleotide Bionis YE HN 12 yeast extract brings out a clean and typical overall taste profile. It magnifies the umami effect and balances the final Grissini taste.

Biorigin will use the “Taste the Expo” program to present a Brazilian Carolina sweet. This éclair-style product will be filled with dulce de leche and Bionis YE DRK, a dark yeast extract that contributes a strong, robust and roasted taste to dulce de leche (bringing out the caramel note).

Biorigin also will prepare and sample more natural, healthy, clean label, Non-GMO products involving yeast extracts, yeast derivatives and natural flavors products. Biorigin ingredients are certified ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000, HACCP, kosher and halal and come with full traceability.

About Biorigin
Created in 2003, Biorgin is a Brazilian company focused on consumer health and well-being. The company’s structure is fully dedicated to the development of innovative, sustainable solutions based on biotechnology, yeast extracts, natural flavors, bakers and brewers yeastes, autolyzed and selenium yeasts, cell wall and beta-glucan.

Biorigin is part of Zilor, a 70-year-old business listed among Brazil’s top 200 companies. Zilor transforms sugarcane in food and clean energy and respects the environment and communities in which it operates.

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