Urban Accents, a creative culinary spice blends company, celebrates its 20th Anniversary by adding its first line of spice-infused pumpkin and pizza simmer sauces to its established collection of over 150 dry blended products. Urban Accents sampled the new sauce line, which includes flavors like Pumpkin Tagine, Pumpkin Mole and Pumpkin Curry Simmer Sauces and Chicago Classic, Fire Roasted Arrabbiata and Manchego & Garlic DIY Pizza Sauces, at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City.

Marrying its Madras Curry, Moroccan Tagine and Mexican Mole spices with fresh ingredients and a pumpkin and tomato base, Urban Accents was inspired by Asian, Middle Eastern and Mexican flavors in the creation of its Pumpkin Tagine, Pumpkin Mole and Pumpkin Curry sauces. With the addition of chicken or veggies, the sauces create a savory, easy 30-minute one-pot meal. Urban Accents’ premium Pizza Sauces, including Chicago Classic, Fire Roasted Arrabbiata and Manchego & Garlic, also offer versatile flavor for homemade or ready-to-bake pizza crusts or can be paired with items like bread sticks, cheese curds or quesadilla bites as an appetizer dipping sauce.

“Urban Accents began in our basement 20 years ago, and since then we’ve been inventing these amazingly original spice blends and felt we could craft more complex flavors in a sauce format using the same blends as a base,” said Jim Dygas, co-founder of Urban Accents. “The simmer sauces are taking our core knowledge and expertise and delivering it to the consumer in a more convenient fashion. They give us an opportunity to help the time-challenged consumer with more complete meals, with complex flavor, in just minutes. Our devotees still want to cook, stir and chop, but they need to save a few steps to be assured of a brag-worthy meal and that’s exactly what the sauce line accomplishes.”

Continually testing new products, trends and combinations, Dygas with co-founder & President Tom Knibbs see Urban Accents’ sauce line doubling business in the next three years.

“Preorders have been overwhelmingly encouraging and it’s a natural progression for the company to emerge into the sauce arena,” said Knibbs. With a strong, intuitive team behind them, Knibbs and Dygas envision the company boisterously growing with customers’ ever evolving palettes.