Egg ingredients supply essential flavor and functionality to countless manufacturing recipes and applications.

A newly updated online Buyers’ Guide, available on the American Egg Board website, allows purchasers to instantly find the type of egg ingredient desired and companies with available product. This next generation online Buyers’ Guide is intuitively designed, making it easy to navigate and giving users seamless access to necessary purchasing information.

The Egg Product Buyers’ Guide offers a searchable database by:

◦ Egg products – whole, yolks, whites, precooked products
◦ Required storage type – dried, frozen, refrigerated
◦ Geographic location of suppliers
◦ Cage-free, organic and kosher classifications
◦ Complete supplier contact information
◦ Links to individual supplier websites

The online Egg Product Buyers’ Guide helps companies find the best source for the specific type of egg product needed. It includes the latest, most accurate list of US egg product suppliers, identifies the types of egg products sold by each processor and provides complete contact information.

The term “egg products” refers to processed and convenience forms of eggs for commercial or foodservice use. These can be classified as dried, frozen, refrigerated liquid and specialty products such as precooked hard-boiled eggs or preformed egg patties, omelets and the like.

“Maintaining an electronic version of the Buyers’ Guide allows us to react more quickly to changes in suppliers or their product lines, so purchasing agents find the latest information when searching for egg products,” says Elisa Maloberti, director of egg product marketing for the American Egg Board. “It also allows greater access to a broad audience interested in featuring eggs in their own incredible menu items.”

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Through AEB, US egg producers come together, in accordance with statutory authority, to establish, finance and execute coordinated programs, on research, education and promotion—all geared to drive demand for eggs and egg products. AEB and all program activities are funded by US egg producers, subject to USDA approval.

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