Ohly regularly demonstrates its strength in Innovation with fresh ways to give food manufacturers—and their consumers—access to delicious flavor components. With that, Ohly is pleased to introduce Maple Syrup Specialty Powder.

The latest addition to the popular ProDry® range delivers authentic maple syrup flavor and sweetness in a free flowing powder form. The powder is made with 100% Canadian maple syrup and produced from all identity preserved ingredients. The unique ProDry® process retains the volatile flavor components. It protects the distinctive, well-rounded characteristic flavor profile of Maple syrup with hints of caramel with overtones of toffee.

“The response to the Maple Syrup Powder from existing customers has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Jay Wickeham, general manager of Ohly Americas. “Canadian maple syrup is distinctive and popular. It’s a flavor that really delights consumers and is a powerful addition to seasonings in order to improve them with sweetness and depth.”

Why choose ProDry® IP Maple Syrup Powder?

• Made with 100% Canadian maple syrup.
• Pure, natural sweetener for cleaner labels.
• Maple syrup is a unique ingredient, smooth and silky textured, with a sweet, distinctive flavor and rare amber color.
• Three times as sweet as sugar it helps formulators reach the same amount of sweetness without adding refined sugar.

The new powder form is a valuable asset for the manufacturers already using syrup, as the free flowing ProDry® powder does not clog, clump or stick avoiding the inherent waste and sanitation problems found with liquid syrup.  

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