Petite Jalapeño, a triple-cream brie with bold, aromatic characteristics of red and green jalapeño peppers, is the hottest new addition to Marin French Cheese’s Petite Collection of 4-ounce wheels, while sister company Laura Chenel’s introduces a Pimento & Garlic fresh goat cheese log, following the success of its recently launched Spicy Cabecou chèvre marinated in jalapeño-infused olive oil and crushed chilies.

Marin French Cheese’s Petite Jalapeño as well as its 8-ounce counterpart, Jalapeño brie, which won third place at the American Cheese Society 2016 competition on July 29, 2016, reflects the on-going tendency for piquant flavors. Made with fresh cow’s milk and cream delivered daily from neighboring Marin County dairies within a 20-mile radius, the soft-ripened cheese’s smooth texture and creamy taste nicely counterbalance the heat from the jalapeño peppers.

On a similarly distinctive note, Laura Chenel’s new 8-ounce Pimento & Garlic log blends fresh goat cheese with garlic and sun-dried tomatoes, then is coated with red and green pimento peppers. The sweetness of the California sun-dried tomatoes is harmoniously balanced by the subtle spicy and green pepper notes from the pimentos. Visually appealing, the Pimento & Garlic log made only with domestic, all natural goat milk, will be the new centerpiece of any cheese platter.

With a different flavor profile and usage, Laura Chenel’s Spicy Cabecou is a dense, marinated goat cheese disk. Cut from fresh logs, the cheese rounds are dried on racks before being hand-packed in jalapeño-infused olive oil with savory chili peppers which impart their flavor into the creamy yet tart cheese, giving a kick to the fresh taste of the chèvre. For salads or grilling recipes, both Laura Chenel’s marinated Spicy Cabecou and original Marinated Cabecou with herbs, which took a first place award at last week’s American Cheese Society’s competition, offer more options for the chèvre fan.