Alouette's new Le Bon Dip and Le Petite Fromage bring a new dimension of taste and indulgence to everyday snacking.

According to recent studies, Americans snacking on any given day rose from 59% to 90% over the last 30 years, and in the same time frame, the average number of snacks eaten daily more than doubled. With the move away from processed and over-engineered foods, the demand for wholesome yet indulgent snacks has never been greater.

Experts in the art of blending real ingredients and delivering true flavors, Alouette believes real ingredients are no laughing matter. The new Le Bon Dip and Le Petite Fromage deliver craveable, balanced indulgence with natural ingredients and bold flavors, guaranteed to take snacking from like to love.

An innovative new category in snacking, Alouette's Le Bon Dip ($4.29) features a blend of premium soft cheese, chunky vegetables you can see, and a touch of Greek yogurt for a dip that satisfies with bold, indulgent variety. Perfect for spicing up snack time or your next get-together, Le Bon Dip contains no artificial flavors or colors and just 45 calories per serving – that's 30% fewer calories than a standard serving of hummus, but with more of a decadent taste – and is available in four craveable flavors:

• Basil, Zucchini & Parmesan – Savory roasted zucchini, aged parmesan, and a hint of basil, topped with chunky yellow pepper and zucchini for added crunch

• Fire Roasted Vegetable – The perfect blend of creamy cheese mixed with fire-roasted eggplant, onion, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and a finishing touch of oregano

• Zesty Garden Salsa – Garden-fresh with a kick, packed with juicy tomatoes, crunchy peppers, onions, hints of cumin, and zesty lime, with an extra-fresh topping of chive and red bell peppers

• Roasted Red Pepper & Chickpea – Blend of premium cheese, chickpeas, roasted red peppers, and cumin creates a fresh and savory Mediterranean delight, topped with vibrant peppers and parsley

A unique, perfectly-portioned smart snacking spread, Le Petite Fromage ($3.99) makes it easier than ever to eat real. Completely free of artificial ingredients – no additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors – Le Petite Fromage blends indulgent cheese and a touch of yogurt with vegetables picked at peak season and bold spices for a little cheese with big flavor. Individually-packaged with just 40 calories each (that taste like 400!), Le Petite Fromage is available in four flavorful varieties:

• Garlic & Herb – Based on Alouette's original and best-selling spread, filled with herbs picked at the peak of flavor and complemented by subtle peppery notes

• Garden Salsa – Spicy and garden-fresh, bursting with juicy tomatoes, crunchy peppers, flavorful jalapenos, and bold spices

• Parmesan & Basil – Perfectly-blended combination of rich, ten-month aged parmesan and hints of fresh basil

• Cucumber & Dill – Tzatziki-inspired Mediterranean flavors of refreshing cucumber, dill, and garlic