Brick Brewing Co. Limited announced its latest fermentation from Seagram; New Farmhouse Cider, a premium cider that brings true artisanship and craft to the cider category.

"This is a cider of the rarest character," offers Sean Dennis, Director of Marketing for Brick. "Unlike most ciders, our 100% all-natural Farmhouse Cider is preservative-free and gluten-free and still delivers a full-flavored, classic juicy apple taste."

"It's really a matter of simply caring more about the end product," adds Bill Henry, Director of Brewing, Quality and Logistics at Brick Brewing. "We've gone a bit old-school here and you can really taste the effort that's gone into it. Made with fresh juice crafted from a select blend of Ontario only hand pressed apples, and then, of course, a fermenting and aging process that's state-of-the-art, yet respects the true farmhouse tradition."