noosa just released three new globally-inspired flavors to its lineup including: orange & ginger, strawberry & hibiscus and pear & cardamom. These tart and sweet flavors pair noosa’s velvety plain yoghurt with juicy fruits and a hint of herbs and spices.

Available in 8-ounce tubs.

Orange & Ginger - The flavors of tree-ripened oranges and freshly minced ginger combine in this variety.

Strawberry & Hibiscus - A tropical twist on a classic yoghurt flavor. Plump ripe strawberries are gently muddled then infused with real hibiscus flowers for an exotic, aromatic treat.

Pear & Cardamom - Sweet, juicy Bartlett pears are plucked right from the grove, finely minced and slowly stewed with Indian cardamom, creating a pairing.