Olera® Shortenings and Oils, a food division of Global Agri-trade Corporation (GATC), announced its plan to completely convert its full offerings of palm and palm kernel shortenings and oils to 100% Certified Sustainable grade by end of 2017. 

All Olera® shortenings and oils, currently available as cubes, flakes, beads, in drums, totes and in ISO tanks, will be certified sustainable to the standards set by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) at Segregated (SG) level. This means that RSPO Certified SG will come standard for all Olera® packaged and bulk products.

With that, its ambitious “Let's Do Good!” journey to make brand Olera® synonymous with responsible palm and palm kernel oils will now shift gears to have its full line of bulk and packaged oils traceable to the origin by end of 2018.

"Our team was able to achieve such commendable milestone by leveraging our logistic experience and technical expertise to mitigate supply chain challenges associated with handling and transportation of RSPO SG grade products in North America,” says Jignesh Bhatt, GATC executive director. “This past year, we also strengthened our partnership with environmentally and socially responsible palm oil companies to also offer bulk RSPO SG palm oils and palm kernel oils at competitive prices to US and Canadian companies that have made a superior commitment to sustainability for palm oil."

In the US, Olera® Shortenings and Oils will be exhibiting at NPEW, SCIFT, IDDBA, WCC and IFT Annual Meeting and in Canada, it will be showcasing Olera® products at BCFT Suppliers Night and Bakery Showcase. For more information, check out www.olera.com.

About Global Agri-trade Corporation

Global Agri-trade Corporation (GATC), a privately owned company located in Rancho Dominguez, Calif., is one of the largest suppliers of origin packaged palm oil and coconut oil products in North America under the brand names Olera®. The company has distribution centers in California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Washington, British Columbia, Calgary, Ontario, and Quebec. Since 2013, GATC and its affiliated company Natu'oil Services Inc. in Canada have been offering RSPO Certified Sustainable palm products in North America. Check out GATC and Natu'oil Services commitment to the mission of RSPO at www.rspo.org and click on Annual Communications of Progress reports.

For more information, please contact its Sustainability and Technical Director Dr. Tiger Tangavelu at 562.716.8330 or email at ttangavelu@globalagritrade.com.